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Matt Cutugno is no stranger to writing. He has a rich history of eleven plays to his credit. Each has been performed in theaters that crisscross the country from New York to Los Angeles. His short stories have been featured in anthologies, his essays published in literary journals, and his articles have appeared in newspapers in New York and China.

The Winter Barbeque, his first book, tells a story that is both poignant and on point for the Baby Boom generation and their parents. The Winter Barbeque is an end-of-life recollection told through the eyes of the author's father - a member of the Greatest Generation, the generation that gave their lives and their futures in defense of America during World War II. As the clock ticks during Matt "Tug” Cutugno's final hours, we are privileged to be part of his consciousness and his memories in this elegantly told story. The Winter Barbeque became an Amazon #1 Bestseller in two categories soon after its release and repeated its ranking time and again over a two-year period.

"The Winter Barbeque is an extraordinary and vivid memoir about the best that there is in a father. The author's honest and sympathetic style makes this an enormously rewarding work."
          - D.S Lliteras, author of Thieves of Golgotha and The Master of Secrets

"The Winter Barbeque is an exceptional work - a bittersweet journey of years, traversed in hours, while melting the boundaries between memory and reality.”
          - M.L. Martin, Editor-in-Chief, The Hilltop Observer

His second novel, The Dracula Legend - The Untold Story, tells of the author's chance meetings with an old man who actually met with Bram Stoker and who reveals Stoker's secret trip to the land of the vampires and the source for his creation of the legendary Count Dracula.

Matt Cutugno's third novel, The Godless Men, written in the classic American Western-style, weaves a riveting story of two men struggling to survive along the Kansas-Missouri border in the days following the Civil War. It is the first book in his Tarnished Star Series.

His fourth novel, The Godless Land - Mescalero Way, is the second book in his very popular Tarnished Star Series and takes place just before the Civil War.

His fifth novel, The Godless Times, is the third book in his Tarnished Star Series and takes place during the California Gold Rush of 1848.

His sixth novel, The Godless Kind, is the fourth book in his Tarnished Star Series and is a sequel to The Godless Men.

Matt Cutugno is from New York and lives in Indio, California.


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