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Manuscripts must be complete, copyedited, proofread, and fact-checked before submission to Stay Thirsty Publishing. Concepts, pitch letters, book proposals, outlines or works-in-progress will not be considered.


How to Submit

Email only the first two chapters of a manuscript, a brief synopsis of the content, and the author's resume along with a cover letter containing contact information to

Submissions must be transmitted by email. Please specify only one imprint to which the submission is directed: Stay Thirsty Press, SJG Books, Rove-Over Books or Unblended. Hard-copy submissions or initial submissions of full manuscripts will not be considered. Submissions can be made directly by authors or their literary agents.

A member of our editorial team will contact the designated person only if we are interested in discussing a submission. No acceptance for publication is binding until a written agreement has been signed by all parties.



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