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Stay Thirsty Press is an imprint of Stay Thirsty Publishing and is the province of veteran authors with an established
following or compelling circumstances.

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Sulivan & Stokes is an imprint of Stay Thirsty Publishing and is dedicated to discovering outstanding writers at the beginning of their writing careers.

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SJG is an imprint of Stay Thirsty Publishing and
is curated by Bestselling author Steven Jay Griffel.

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When Amazon introduced its Kindle for PC application on November 10, 2009, the digital book revolution reached a milestone and came of age. From that moment on, almost any PC running Windows software around the world gained instant access to Amazon's Kindle Book pages with the power to browse, sample, and purchase digital books and to read those books on that computer. Prior to that day, Kindle books could only be read on Kindles, iPhones, and iPod touches. Since then, applications for Kindle books have been released for Macs, BlackBerrys, iPads, tablets, Windows 8 and Android smartphones, adding to the global distribution of Kindle books.

While other digital book systems, formats, and eReaders exist, including the Apple's iBooks, the digital book revolution topography experienced one more profound change when Google opened its own eBook store in late 2010 where digital books can be downloaded to any device with an internet browser. At that moment, three behemoth corporations - Amazon, Apple, and Google - essentially set the wheels in motion to dominate and control the most significant change in the delivery of the written word since Johannes Gutenberg invented moveable type in 1439.

In one stunning flash of electrons, books and the wealth of ideas they contain have gained instant distribution in a way man has never before been able to do with the physical book. No longer limited by gravity, the written word now travels electronically around the planet not constrained by language or geography. In the greenest of all greens, a digital book plucked from the virtual ethers transmits the essence of the human mind and spirit without the destruction of natural resources in the process.

And, Stay Thirsty Publishing is at the leading edge of this digital book revolution by publishing digital books with great content not restricted by category or subject matter and by working with our parent company, Stay Thirsty Media, Inc.





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