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By Gerald Hausman
Bokeelia, FL, USA

Gerald Hausman

I think the great hunter and writer would have enjoyed a tweet or two.

The subject came up the other day when a friend suggested to me that Hemingway, the man, the reporter, the novelist, the fisherman, the lion hunter and bear whisperer would've loathed social media.

Some say that the Hemingway character in Midnight in Paris is about as good as it gets - handsome, hearty, dedicated and self-mocking.

But that isn't Hemingway.

For me, he was the consummate craftsman and I like being reminded on a daily basis that Hemingway stood for something beyond, and never limited by, himself. He once said - "It is very hard to write." If we remember that, it is enough.

There's nothing dated about Hemingway, as some seem to insist. There are no beer cans littering his campsite of well-chosen words, despite the fact he liked to drink and raise hell. It had nothing to do with his writing that is always clear as a mountain stream.

And as far as tweeting goes, Hemingway was the one who wrote the one word telegram refusal: UPSTICKJOBASSWARDS.

Sure, he would've tweeted, like no one else on earth.

Ernest Hemingway, Africa

Ernest Hemingway, Paris




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