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Sarah L. Myers

Creative Board:
Kent Brown
Kevin Carroll
Jason Mathews
Casey McDermott
Samantha Stevenson-Berkowitz

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Kent Brown

Tokyo Bureau Chief:
Michael Lara

Web Design:
Jason Mathews

Kimberly Kellen

Teresa DePoli

Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief:
Saranna Biel-Cohen

Writers / Contributors:
Bogar Alonso
Christine Baker
Chris Beakey
Gina Bria
Joe Butler
Teresa Cavaliere
Caroline Cummings
Anna Curtis
Matt Cutugno
Bill Davis
Jarrod Dicker
Pamela Ditchoff
Kevin English
Angela Evans
Eliot Fearey
Shawna Flavell
Brandon Forbes
Jay Fox
Jacob O. Gold
Wayne Graham
Bryan Gutridge
Gerald Hausman
Andrew Holland
Laura Johnstone
John Karoly
Spencer Kiss
Will Lamborn
Michael Lara

Brian Lepire
Jessica Liebel
Susanna Lo
Thomas K. Lowenstein
Andrew Lyman
John McHale
Natalie McKenzie
Emma McClelland
Antonio Meza
Leah Moser
Anna Murphy
Erin O'Brien
Anna Olswanger
David Oppenheim
Ian Pinchback
Zarina Raja
Douglas Schubert
Jaclyn Sarah Shanfeld
Arnav Sheth
Susan M. Sipprelle
Ryan Storck
Matthew J. Swanson
Lindsay Thomas
Sarah Waller
Elizabeth Waugh
s.i. wells
Col. J.D. Wilkes
Joe Wolf
Amy Yu

Ruben Cantu
Anna Curtis
Dan Gendelman
Michael Lara
Natalie McKenzie
Antonio Meza
Tyler Stoffel
Elizabeth Waugh
s.i. wells

3D Animation:
Michael Mathews

Dan Gendelman
Jason Mathews

Stay Thirsty Publishing:

Judith S. McCue
Senior Acquisitions Editor

Leticia Gomez
Senior Acquisitions Editor




From time-to-time, contributors to and to publications of Stay Thirsty Media, Inc. may receive music, CD’s, films, videos, books, magazines, concert tickets, movie or performance tickets, meals and other items that are used as the basis of articles related to those items. Opinions expressed in such articles are solely those of the respective contributors and are not the opinions of Stay Thirsty Media, Inc. Return of items or further disclosures are the responsibility of each contributor. This disclosure is made to notify visitors and readers of this circumstance.


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