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A Novel by
Steven Jay Griffel


FORTY YEARS LATER - By Steven Jay Griffel

Successful middle-aged publishing executive David Grossman risks everything to fulfill a promise to a woman he has not seen in forty years. When teen sweethearts and now aging Baby Boomers David and Jill reunite after four decades, sparks fly fast and furious, despite his long marriage to Allison and Jill’s reputation as a famous, former lesbian.

Jill Black, a “one hit wonder” Hollywood screenwriter, is consumed with a last chance to write and direct her own film. Success will reinvigorate her career. Failure will end it. When a pompous studio “suit” begins to undermine her authority and threatens to kill her project, the pressure forces her to spin from rage to murderous madness as she ensnares David in her plans.

Love and betrayal. Revenge and redemption. For some it ends happily. For others it all comes undone in this fast-paced drama of Baby Boomers trying to hang on to their lives, their families, and their Woodstock dreams. A riveting debut novel of suspense and humor, masterfully told by Steven Jay Griffel.

"Griffel's narrative is a rush - sharp, spot on, and funny as hell."
- Laurie Rozakis, Author, Editor & Public Speaker

"FORTY YEARS LATER is a great read. It's fast, edgy, but poignant. Steven Jay Griffel really captures the emotions of the Woodstock generation forty years later."
- Les Kaye, Musician and Emmy Award winner



Steven Jay Griffel has a distinguished career as an Editor, Publisher, and Writer in the educational publishing field. His work has contributed to many important textbooks and learning tools used in middle schools and high schools throughout the United States during the last two decades. He received a B.A. in Creative Writing from Queens College and an M.A. in American Literature from Fordham University. 

“I share some flaws with the main character of my novel FORTY YEARS LATER. We are both capable of keeping a regret alive by continually picking at its scab. The lesson we both learned is worth sharing, especially with my fellow Baby Boomers: Live it! No regrets."
- Steven Jay Griffel



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