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By Michael Lara
Tokyo, Japan


“Whatever gets you through the night, Just keep on dancing. Whatever gets you through the night, Just keep dancing!” JAPAN’s 1978 classic definitely applies to the 3rd annual installment of 2011’s Kansai Music Conference (KMC) that will promote networking among musicians, businesses and fans across ten venues over four days.

KMC's main focus is about rewarding music buyers, lovers and those venues that support the diverse music scenes, both historically as well as those emerging. City officials, business representatives and those interested in either hiring or collaborating with musicians of all kinds will be joining this year’s events. Additionally, delegations from nations such as Ghana and Nepal will attend.
KMC 2011’s mission is to help re-define the music scene in Kansai and in Japan, strengthening the ties forged from the increased diversity to be found with each year’s artist, vendors and attendees. Regeneration is paramount in this eclectic international gathering with all of these creative fields of dreams primed for you and yours to find new delectable delights in both sound and vision.
Live showcase schedule:
Conference schedule
9/16:  KMC Opening party
9/17:  Live showcases around Osaka
9/18-19: Music Conference & festival at The Osaka Museum of History

Kansai Music Conference - 2011.9.16-19

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