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#12 - FEBRUARY 2010

By: Sarah L. Myers - Editor-In-Chief
New York, USA

It's my favorite New York City bar, my favorite New York Dolls song, and now it's my favorite way to get trashed.

Bebe Buell

The year started with a bang and just kept going! Held my birthday bash at the Hiro Ballroom at the Maritime Hotel this year - couldn’t think of a better place than a Bebe Buell show! Bebe was performing to celebrate the launch of her new video for “Air Kisses to the Masses”, and she was as badass as always. Openers The Goon Squad were absolutely hilarious in their Clockwork Orange garb and Betsey Johnson wigs. We shimmied along to songs like “Oui Merci “ and “Rather Freaky” before Bebe took the stage. Thank you for all the birthday shout outs, Bebe! Mingled backstage before cutting the dance floor up till the house lights came on. Ended the night as we usually do, at 200 Orchard, where the gang crowded yet another dance floor until 3am. It was a great night with great friends. Thanks everyone, can’t wait for next year!

It was a rock n’ roll reunion at Continental on January 17th, when a punk rock yearbook came to life on a stage that’s been bare far too long. Continental stopped hosting live music in 2006, so I felt incredibly lucky to see so many of my favorites there - the place where Joey Ramone played his last show ever. It was anyone you could think of and expect, from the Bullys, Charm School, The Waldos (featuring the Heartbreakers’ Walter Lure), Jesse Malin, and a super group featuring CJ Ramone, Handsome Dick Manitoba, and Ramones producer Daniel Rey. The night was full of surprises, from club owner Trigger handling guitar on a few songs, to the blunt trauma I received courtesy of the 2 Man Advange mosh pit. (Never, I repeat, NEVER turn your back on 2 Man Advantage fans). All’s fair in punk rock! I left thinking how Continental used to always be like this, and wishing I could have been around for it. But at least I was there that night, and I’ll scrape together all the moments I can remember!

Ben Wolcott - Des Roar

“Let’s send the boys off right!” When friends Des Roar booked a West Coast tour, we had to see them off at the Mercury Lounge. Des Roar and Thirsty go way back, all the way to Jordi Scott’s “Infamous” show at Fashion Week 2008. They’re also great personal friends and our neighborly bartenders (and, let’s face it, resident flirt targets). The guys play The Roxy in LA on February 8th, and our West Coast readers need to get their asses up and check it out, if only for “Ted Bundy Was a Lady’s Man”. It was a lineup of friends, including Dead Sparrows and my newest obsession - Lower East Side duo Doppelganger. These two guys knocked me out. It’s no-frills dirty roots rock with slutty side, kind of like Dead Weather covering AC/DC.



Legs McNeil and Mickey Leigh

New York City joined together after the devastating events in Haiti. Nowhere was that more evident than at Local 269 for the Rock Benefit that featured readings by Legs McNeil and Mickey Leigh, and performances by Bobby Steele and Ivan Julian. Steve Craig of 101.9 hosted, along with my friend Erin O'Brien - the 269's Saturday night mistress. I spent the night going back and forth from 269 to The Skinny, where Starr, Jordi and the crew hold court every Tuesday. Later in the night I caught back up with Mickey Leigh and made some new friends outside Mercury Lounge. Just another punk rock night in the city...


Only a couple of artists are as important to me in life as Richard Ashcroft. As I’ve written numerous times, The Verve have been with me as long as the Ramones, and I’ve always been a huge fan of anything Richard has done solo. “Keys to the World” is one of the best records of the decade, and “New York” is my city soundtrack. The Verve reunited and released the brilliant “Forth” in 2008, featuring one of my favorite singles of all time, “Love Is Noise”. They owned Glastonbury, then broke up again. Richard’s back with a new band, United Nations of Sound, who are slated to release a debut this spring. Lead single “Are You Ready?” is certainly fitting, considering I’ve still never seen him live. (He canceled the one night I had tickets, heartbreakingly). It’s classic Ashcroft, with sweeping, inspirational lyrics. The video reminds me of the one for “Bittersweet Symphony”, but instead of knocking people over on the street, Richard knocks around a soccer ball and throws some punches. I’m definitely ready…

Until next time…


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