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By: Sarah L. Myers
Video: Dan Gendelman

Thirsty's cameras were rolling inside super-hip club Arena as Jordi Scott and Starr Rinaldi outfitted their models in a collection that screamed rock n' roll. Animal prints, bleached denim, neon spandex, and razored hems came down the runway to Marilyn Manson, Blondie, and The Wombats. Kisses were blown and asses were shown as each model posed on the runway before a packed house.


New York City's Des Roar took the stage for a two-song set that kicked off the night. A hissing, enveloping fog descended on the entire front rows as singer Ben Wolcott hit his first chord through a complete whiteout. When the band finally emerged, it was nonstop rock n' roll - Wolcott, guitarist Alan O'Keeffe, drummer Lyla Vander and bassist Ryan Spoto will also raise hell at LA Fashion Week with Jordi Scott next month.



With reporters swarming around them, Jordi and Starr mingled with Jeremy Piven backstage, taking pictures and giving interviews. With two after-parties still to go, models and celebrities alike headed first to Marquee, then exclusive lounge The Eldridge for an infamous night that lasted well into the morning.




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