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In her third novel, Mrs. Beast, award-winning writer Pamela Ditchoff unveils an enchantingly dark, but humorous and enlightened story about what became of the great fairy tale beauties - Snow White, Cinderella, Beauty of Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel - after they said “I Do”.






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David Toussaint documents his life as a man “who happens to be gay” in TOUSSAINT! Through his eyes, the ebb and flow of emotions, dreams and relationships are laid bare for all to see. Drawn from thirty-six columns he wrote mostly for EDGE, he uses current events, pop culture and politics to tell his very personal story – a story that resonates with the universality of human feelings. TOUSSAINT! is an insightful, elegant work that offers a window into David Toussaint’s soul – a window familiar to all of us.


Interview with David Toussaint




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In his seventh novel, The Last Time, author David Fulmer, winner of the Shamus Award, the Benjamin Franklin award winner and nominee for the LA Times Book Prize, delivers exactly what his legions of loyal fans expect in a riveting suspense novel:

Rough voices mutter in the darkness and a body tumbles from an outcropping of rock to land hundreds of feet below. The night goes still again as a life ends in one sad breath. So begins The Last Time, a mystery intertwined with a tale about the deepest bonds of friendship as it winds to a fevered climax of blood and betrayal, all caught in the glare of one deadly moment.


"The Last Time" by David Fulmer


Interview with David Fulmer


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