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There is a new cool to poetry. Today's young poets are different from the Beat poets and yet in some ways the same. There is something about the new poetry that resonates with the Millennials. They can identify with it. Telling a story about life. About love. About themselves. Resolute in making their way. Railing against their circumstances, the establishment, the world while embracing their own reality with the pent-up energy of a new wave.

Jonathan Escoffery is part of this wave. A poet profiled by Abriana Jetté in her Fall 2013 column, he is also one of the featured poets in her anthology, The Best Emerging Poets of 2013.

A Miami-bred writer of poetry, fiction and non-fiction, Escoffery earned his Bachelor of Arts in English from Florida International University and recently received his M.F.A. from the University of Minnesota. His writing has appeared, or is forthcoming, in Reach Magazine, Interrobang?!, The Coffin Factory, Radioactive Moat, Middle Gray Magazine, Sliver of Stone, Foundling Review, Rainy Day Literary Magazine and he is currently working on a novel.

Aside from his impressive resume as an emerging poet, it is Escoffery's personal style and delivery that shines through this grainy video and that is what caught our attention. There is a new wave of performance poetry coming and we think Jonathan Escoffery is riding the crest.


Jonathan Escoffery


Video courtesy of Jonathan Escoffery

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