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Social media overload is wearing everyone down. Too much of a good thing has become something that's easy to tune out really, really fast. What was new is becoming old at the speed of light.

But once in a while an idea comes along and quickly floats above the clutter and the noise. THIRSTY thinks Yello is one of those ideas. Based on the power of personal recommendations from people you already know, Yello was designed as a haven where people can share the places they love with their friends. In today's electronically-driven cocoon where time is short and choices overwhelming, Yello believes that personal recommendations mean a lot more than opinions and ratings from people you don't know.

Behind Yello is a young entrepreneur from California, Daniel Gendelman. His personal frustration at finding cool new places, restaurants he would really like, hotels worth staying at and entertainment venues that brought the entertainment motivated him to create Yello. He is on a mission to make sharing the places you love with your friends so easy it'll be part of your life in a heartbeat.

THIRSTY is excited to have discovered Yello and is proud to name it our THIRSTY DISCOVERY for Winter 2014.


Daniel Gendelman, Founder & CEO




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