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By S. I. Wells
Senior Columnist

On European DNA:

The Euro currency crisis continues to drag on. Watching 17 nations struggle to preserve a currency without creating a unified fiscal framework is painful. If you believe that the past is often prologue to the future, look no further than how European leaders behaved in the 1930s. They avoided confronting Hitler head-on during his early days in power and thereby failed to prevent a world war. Is it possible the DNA of European leaders has mutated and evolved beyond appeasement, recrimination, partisanship, nationalism and capitulation? Or, is it more likely that apples continue to fall not far from their trees?


On Statesmen:

Where are the great statesmen of today? Clearly they are not in Washington. To whom are young people to look up to and learn from? Leadership in troubled times can inspire and motivate people to rise above circumstances and triumph over adversities. It is time we looked beyond elected politicians to discover an unwavering repository of principled men and women who can inspire our young people to greatness. Today the task falls to those in our universities and houses of worship who have the grit, gumption and guts to speak their minds and live by a credo larger than themselves.


On Democracy:

Nothing about democracy is easy or quick or efficient. And that is by design. Tyrants and dictators move with agility and speed because there are no built-in checks and balances. Complain as we do about the widespread pain of inaction and its potentially destabilizing human and economic consequences, the alternative form of government holds no appeal. The fault today is with the people who choose to grouse quietly instead of making their opinions known in the loudest and most consistent ways. If Americans are finally mad as hell and can't take it anymore, the time to be heard is now.


On Fixing Email:

There is a growing problem with the email system. Who has not received countless spam or spoof emails from money-center banks threatening to close an account if the recipient does not immediately login and update their profiles and passwords? Of course, receiving such emails from banks where one has no banking relations or accounts does pose an unusual problem. Clearly the hijacking of email prefixes and suffixes by spammers and spoofers only highlights the urgency of a grand technology fix. Email has become vital to life and to commerce. Destruction of its utility by techno-bandits would be a blow to progress.


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S. I. Wells is the author of Special Dispensations.The American Storybag

All opinions expressed by S. I. Wells are solely his own and do not reflect the opinions of Stay Thirsty Media, Inc.

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