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I Am You! Thankful!

Teresa Cavaliere
West Palm Beach, FL, USA

Teresa Cavaliere
(credit: Joseph J. Bucheck III)

Last month was hard on my psyche, but by the grace of my friends, whose hearts are larger than life, I was reminded that I will get through this. A true friend is one who calls when you haven't, because they know, if they haven’t heard from you, something's up and they reach out to you, as you have done for them. Being loved so unconditionally is overwhelming. How did I get so blessed to have these magnificent souls in my life? Never before have I had people who love me so unconditionally, other than my children and, of course, my parents.

When I think of how many people live in far worse conditions, it always reminds me of the fortunes I have. In comparison to so many, I live like a king! The little things that I take for granted, when I’m wallowing in my self-pity, are disheartening, but then I realize that I am not alone. I have friends who really care about me!

How lucky am I to have positive people who bring out the best in me; reminding me of who I am, someone I almost lost with all that has happened. Of course, my children keep me going, but that's a part of me that I am responsible for. So often as parents, we forget about our own needs so that we can tolerate the hardships the family is going through. It’s one of my friends who always reminds me how thankful she is and how she simply enjoys the breeze stroking her face and rejoices in all the wonders we take for granted. Because of her, the simple thought of the breeze stroking my face calms my soul like a breath of fresh air.

My mind gets tired of the daily fight to stay afloat. I am human after all! We know what we must do, but as the saying goes, "Life gets in the way". It's the reminders from my friends that are getting me through these turbulent times. Some are new friends and some have always been there. I am a very lucky woman to have such friends.

We have so much to live for. Just look around. The sun is shinning and I am rejoicing in the goodness of seeing such kind hearts reflected in the faces of my friends. I am so thankful. I’m being caressed by the breeze. I'm getting some air!


Teresa Cavaliere is on the frontlines of today’s America and reports on the curves life throws at her.

All opinions expressed by Teresa Cavaliere are solely her own and do not reflect the opinions of Stay Thirsty Media, Inc.

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