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Manifest Destiny

By Christine Baker
Nyack, NY, USA

Christine Baker and Jessie
Christine Baker and Jessie

“Manifest Destiny” is a term that many of us recall from history classes. It was the 19th century American belief that the U.S. was destined to expand across the continent.

I love the term “Manifest Destiny” and believe it extends well beyond what we as a country did to expand our land ownership.

Manifest (adj.) - readily perceived by the senses, easily understood or recognized by the mind. Synonyms: apparent, crystal-clear, evident, unmistakable.

Destiny (n.) - a predetermined course of events often held to be an irresistible power or agency. Synonyms: fate, kismet, circumstance, fortune.

Put the words together and apply them to your own life. You have something that goes like this:

- Your fate is crystal clear.
- You understand the kismet of your own life.
- Your fate is apparent.

That’s pretty powerful stuff. Do you really think about your own individual fate, purpose and destiny? Did you even know you, and you alone, are in control of making your own destiny manifest?

This summer we will be enthralled once again with the Summer Olympics and we will watch stories about athletes who have overcome tremendous odds just to participate in the Olympic games, let alone win a medal. Olympic athletes devote their lives to their sport in hopes of being the best in the world. They train an average of eight hours a day, seven days a week. No days off. No goofing off. They work each and every day to make their destinies manifest.


What is it you want from your own life? And don’t give me a list of objects. Take away the fancy car, the big house with the white picket fence. Wipe out the jewelry or the designer shoes. Take away all of the physical possessions and ask the question again: What do you want from your own life? Do you want to write a book? Act in a musical? Be fit? Spend more time with your family? Make a list.

Look around. You are the only one who is in charge of your own destiny. Don’t blame someone else for your life. Take control of it yourself and don’t back down. Now go out and make it manifest. Take a tangible step each day toward that goal. Don’t cry that it’s too hard. You have to do it on your own.  It doesn’t have to be a big step, but it has to be a step in the right direction.

If you need some hope or inspiration, follow me as I make my own destiny manifest and hike 2,180 miles of the Appalachian Trail. With each step, I will fight; I will struggle; I will sweat to make my dreams a reality. And so shall you. Together, we can do this. Together we can make our destinies manifest.

So come walk with me. Together, we will change the world - one step at a time.

Facebook: walk4good
Twitter: @thewalk4good
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Tumblr: walk4good


Christine Baker is the founder of Walk4Good and president of CB Creative, Inc., an integrated communications consulting firm in Nyack, NY. She is the author of Why She Plays: The World of Women's Basketball (University of Nebraska Press 2008), and was inducted into the Middletown, Connecticut Sports Hall of Fame in January 2011.

All opinions expressed by Christine Baker are solely her own and do not reflect the opinions of Stay Thirsty Media, Inc.

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