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Images courtesy of Sarah Wymer


Sarah Wymer took her first painting class during her sophomore year at Bard College. After graduating in 2001 with a B.A. in Painting, she moved to Hawaii to work as an artist. She spent the next six years painting in Kauai before moving to Phoenix in 2008.

Sarah Wymer - Self-Portrait
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THIRSTY: Were you always going to devote your life to painting?

Sarah Wymer: I had planned on pursuing a career in art therapy, but all of my art teachers strongly advised me against this. They wanted me to really try to become an artist because they thought I had a real shot. So I did. And it all came clear to me when I was asked to design a huge wall at a restaurant called Sushi Bushido on Kauai. It's massive and the owner let me hang any paintings I wanted and as many as I wanted. I just loved the project. I love designing entire walls...just putting as many paintings as I can fit on a wall. When you sit in the restaurant and there's this huge red wall with all these bright, random paintings just popping out at you, it's actually pretty amazing.

THIRSTY: What inspires you?

Sarah Wymer: I am inspired by people who want to help others, positivity, love, friends and family, discipline, honesty and making something good come from a tragedy.

THIRSTY: Can you divulge some of the people who collect your work?

Sarah Wymer: Miley Cyrus owns one of my paintings! Wow!

THIRSTY: How do you title your work?

Sarah Wymer: The titles are often just who the person is: Marilyn Monroe, Bob Marley, Al Pacino. My's even my Facebook profile picture.

After viewing a number of works by Sarah Wymer and visiting with her, it was clear that her talent and her heart were more than worthy of this Thirsty Discovery.

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Marilyn Monroe (2010)

Bob Marley (2010)

Al Pacino (2010)



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