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Mike Poncy is a musician who commands your attention in soft and subtle ways. His songs, with their easy melodies, resonate an eerie quality that longs for earlier times. Not unlike the style of Jim Croce or David Gates, Poncy’s signature song, “One of These Days,” carries the authenticity of a life lived.

THIRSTY: Why do you focus so much on the past?

Mike Poncy: For me, songwriting and performance draw from a process of reflection that is often scattered and distant. It requires an honest and thoughtful approach. A lot of the styles from the late sixties and seventies seem to suit that process best, both in their simplicity and in their ability to keep original inspirations intact.

Poncy, who calls Charlottesville, Virginia home, supports his fellow musicians by hosting a monthly singer-songwriter showcase for local and touring artists. And, he is quick to point out, “It’s like the late, great Don Kirshner said, ‘It all starts with a song.’”


We think Mike Poncy and “One of These Days” are well on their way.



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