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By Michael Lara
Tokyo, Japan


“I wouldn’t wanna go home on a night like this.” Over two decades after Stuart Adamson, Mark Brzezicki, Tony Butler and Bruce Watson of BIG COUNTRY released “Inwards,” it seamlessly explains the defiant fire in Spain’s POLOCK Getting Down From The Trees. Setting sail with POLOCK’s captain Papu Sebastian (vocals/guitar), first officer Pablo Silva (guitar), engineers Sebastian Benavente (bass), Alberto Rodilla (keyboards) and Marc Llinares (drums) is to relish their internationally, high seas freedom from an eagerly anticipated voyage.

Getting Down From The Trees (2010)

Amid numerous bottles of champagne shattered and imbibed on its newly christened hull, the pulsing pump of “High On Life” has this well-furnished Spanish clipper underway. Cutting through all waves, a friendly tailwind gets them to open seas, while the ocean spray and speed increases with engines running full in “Fireworks.” With smiles abounding and their collective count “one-two-three-four-five” resonating in your head, beauty surrounds in all directions as grand discoveries lie ahead with a steady course set.

Far from the sight of land, the milky, rolling “Nice To Meet You” keeps speed under the ensuing moonlit night. Slipping and sliding into the hypnotic, looping “Not So Well” has all cabin, crew and passengers sipping a whiskey as this cutter continues to slice through welcomed waters.

Dawn comes and sunshine follows in the jangling buoyant “Sometimes” that has Papu, Pablo, Sebastian, Alberto and Marc pull into a port of call for fresh eats, treats and faces. The reflective appreciation of surprise in “Faster Love” find these five mates savoring the break in full.

Back onboard with full provisions stowed and clearing port, speed once again gains in the shimmering “Tangerines & Unicorns” that has this happily unshaven, whiskered quintet smiling to each other. As the open seas give immense vitality, it reassures that one can do anything amidst the hypnotic push and pull of “Tenderlies” and continues into “Defenceless,” awash in the comfy calm of being in one’s natural habitat.

With sight of bright lights and a new port of adventure, the rumbling “Night Shot” foreshadows a well-deserved homecoming and evening ahead for these five navigators, their crew and passengers.

These international sailors of sound and vision are to be trusted.

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