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By Michael Lara
Tokyo, Japan


“Life is so strange, when you don’t know. How can you get where you’re going to? You can’t be sure of any situation. Something could change and then you won’t know.”

Which is precisely why 1982’s Spring Session M from MISSING PERSONS entirely encapsulates the delicious course charted from fellow Los Angelenos ENDLESS HALLWAY. Nearly three decades later, they embarked on their maiden voyage of Autonomy Games (2009) and a mind-expanding international port of call at TASTE OF CHAOS Japan in 2010.

With both a wonder and hunger to roam and learn, captain Ryan Jackson (vocals) and shipmates Jono Evans (guitar), Joseph Mullen (drums), Michael Tye (guitars) and Evan MacCarthy (bass), with full provisions aboard, seamlessly set sail savoring the vast realm and power of adventure - this voyage reflects the true freedom felt from the seas.

Endless Hallway - Endless Hallway (2011)

“Beachwood” christens the S.S. Endless Hallway buoyant departure from safe seas, pushing and pushing with wind smacking the face as the waves are cut, knowing that some great reward lies ahead in its stitching, relentless drive.

Clearing port, “Sympathy Trap” chugs deeply as they enter into the vast Pacific that hypnotically takes hold of mind, body and soul in the ascent of speed with a course set confidently by chief engineer Mullen’s engine, invigorating his mates as the sea spray hits their faces.

On the open seas and cruising comfortably, under full steam, the shimmering, bass bouncy, rising “Brambles” has this crew in their element under a respected superior Mother Nature that has them euphorically embracing the horizon, showing no fear in all that’s approaching, with smiles wide as the horizon gets brighter and brighter.

Full of life as night falls, the quiet steadying calm of “Mercy” reflects the irrefutable beauty of waves slapping against the hull as Ryan and the rest know tomorrow will bring more to learn.

As the dawn slowly approaches, the early morning tenderness of “No Rails” keeps this captain vigilant, but also at peace in command while his mates comfortably sleep.

Sunrise comes with “Magneton” as it vigorously drives ahead with as shipmates Jono, Joseph, Michael and Evan awake and embrace the robust day that lies ahead in the wide seascape enjoyed in “Wander” as these five brothers see land ahead as another port eagerly awaits them.

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