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s.i. wells - A Work In Progress

s.i. wells has been opining for Stay Thirsty since June of 2008 as one of our senior columnists. Although some think we have locked him in a room to spend his time just thinking about everything, that rumor is overblown.

During the past two years, wells has tackled three basic subject areas: the economy, politics, and social policy. His columns have covered such diverse topics as saving the housing industry to the need for transparency in Washington to the power of the internet, in articles as pointedly titled as: China Buys Greece, Transparency and The Congressman, Duck And Cover, Loss Of Privacy, and The Death Of FICO. While always focused on the inequities in our daily lives, wells nevertheless usually adds a twinkle and a wink to help make his point.

Stay Thirsty decided to create this page as a repository of wells’ work for those who have the time and the interest to let their minds wander with fresh food for thought. If you have comments about some of wells’ work, please feel free to annoy him at He won’t be happy, but we will.


China Buys Greece - A Warning to All PIIGS


Buddy Can You Spare A Dime?


The U.S. Economy (1932-2010) - Sunrise to Sunset




America The Bountiful


Transparency and The Congressman


Who Owns America?


It's Time To Corner The Heroin Market


Duck And Cover?



The Hegemony of Lemmings


The Great Do-Over


Loss of Privacy


PBS and NPR: Time To Change or R.I.P.


The Death of FICO


How To Bring Down The Price Of Prescription Drugs


Vladimir Putin - America's Most Important Unregistered Voter


Busboy Nation


Top Three U.S. Exports for 2008



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