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By Michael Lara
Tokyo, Japan


Subiza (2010)
“Whatever gets through the night, just keep on dancing…Whatever gets through the night, just keep on dancing…Whatever gets you through the night, just keep on dancing…Whatever gets you through the night!” And that is just what the notoriously known stiff locals did to Barcelona’s DELOREAN, who provided a savory sampler of all their recipes, particularly their latest Subiza upon their first visit to Japan.

33 years past JAPAN’s delicious debut of Adolescent Sex, derided by many at the time due to punk’s powerful emergence as disco reigned the charts, it’s infectious title track helps to describe the euphoric freedom found in DELOREAN’s third release that had all in the cozy confines of Shibuya’s famed Club Quattro dancing about and forgetting about all the ongoing geopolitical-economic challenges flying about now. Put simply, Subiza, as with their prior menus, wisely and deliciously remind you to lose yourself, let go, not take things too seriously and savor all there is in life and in full.

The opening appetizer “Stay Close,” has sonic chefs Ekhi Lopetegi (vocals, bass), Igor Escudeo (drums), Unai Lazcano (keys) and Guillermo Astrain (guitar, keys) bringing out something simmering hot to heighten all as your eyes and senses awaken from a previous slumber with its first taste giving you an instant amazement and wonderment as to what shall come out on next from their kitchen.

“Real Love” doesn’t disappoint in following as it smoothly has your taste buds full of life in its shaking pulse into the galloping “Endless Sunset” which has all on table rejoicing in the fine company, drink, food and atmosphere created and shared.

Giving an airy breather and some time on the floor to dance for some, “Grow” is a dish lightly, yet deeply savored before the robust, full swallow of an ever elegant, yet divinely assorted “Simple Graces” awaits all on the table as the smiles widen into the 1-2, 1-2 loop dish of “Infinite Desert” that further fuels all glee in this most sumptuous banquet.

“Come Wander” vigorously fuels in its banging beg to dance as all take a break from this feast to burn some calories amongst friends and lovers that streams seamlessly into the rumbling “Warmer Places” that gives room for dessert to come.

Postre, “dessert” in Spanish, comes in full splendor with the warm swaying spread of  “It’s All Ours” that continually coats your insides just as if you were enjoying fried bananas basted in Kahlua over ice cream with whatever drink you desire to wash it all down before heading home with yours, supremely satisfied and knowing you still have a full night ahead. And best of all, if selecting the Japanese menu, you get three bonus sweets to savor in full before going home or wherever else.

Plenty ahead from the kitchen of these flavorful four:

Photos by Michael Lara (click to enlarge)


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