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By Michael Lara
Tokyo, Japan


“Why you pushing me?” “What did you say?” “I said, “Why you pushing me? I haven’t done anything to you.” 1982’s FIRST BLOOD perfectly foreshadows the full fortitude and clear conscious of Saalfeld, Germany’s HEAVEN SHALL BURN in their absolute determination to fight and find justice in this surreal world of ours after five tours of duty as their sixth INVICTUS (2010) finds them vehemently protecting.


Launching their 2010 Asian tour to forward their offensive of accountability at the nationwide Japanese BLOODAXE FESTIVAL, Marcus Bischoff (vocals), cousin Eric Bischoff (bass), Maik Weichert (guitar), Alexander Deitz (guitar) and Matthias Voigt (drums) lock and loaded in full, ready for all that awaits them.

As with the opening scene of FIRST BLOOD (1982), INVICTUS starts off quietly in its tender piano-led droplets reflection before releasing the pent up rage of past injustices that flex in full in the ominous, slicing pound of impending doom for past wrongs in the stitching “The Omen” that goes into a frantic free for all in the relentless trigger pull of “Combat.”

After a short calm, another firefight of determination ensues with “I Was I Am I Shall Be” into the drilling, forget me not of “Burned In Forgotten Grounds” that quietly closes as these five comrades take stock at what is facing them in full fury.

“Sevastopol” relentlessly reflects the strong defensive of hallowed ground into the nocturnal calm then heated exchange of all senses working overtime that defies all fatigue faced in the pummeling “The Lie You Bleed For” as moments later, the forward charge in advancement of “Return To Sanity” fires away like a gatling gun, mercilessly shredding away all in its path.

With ground gained, “Against Bridge Burners” advances into the full gauntlet “Of Forsaken Poets” that has all five furiously stake and protect theirs in full as these brother in arms seize their power and strength in the flexing “Nowhere” as they raise their flag in victory.

In showing mercy, Alex, Marcus, Maik, Eric and Matthias lead their POW’s in the quiet aftermath of the rage of those fallen in “Given In Death” that’s felt deeply on both sides upon their released to loved ones. The no love lost of “Outro” mirrors the haunting sad mixed feelings of any military campaign with no winners in the end, but full respect intact bilaterally.

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Supporting Amnesty International and those all in knowing their history and its repercussions as keeper of the faith for all, follow these brothers:

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