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#16 - JUNE 2010

By Sarah L. Myers - Editor-In-Chief
New York, USA

It's my favorite New York City bar, my favorite New York Dolls song, and now it's my favorite way to get trashed.

Dick Manitoba & Zoe, Mickey Leigh,
Erin O'Brien, Sarah

We waited all year and, in the blink of an eye, it was over. The Joey Ramone Birthday Bash is like a good sneeze, if I want to channel Joey’s sense of humor. So much build up, so much anticipation, and as much as we try to squeeze every ounce of fun from every minute, the night simply goes too fast. The Bash is a tradition, one that always begins at Galaxy, the café next door to Irving Plaza. We sat and checked out the comings and goings at the Fillmore, (“There’s Dick Manitoba. Mickey’s here!”) before heading straight upstairs, where VIP bartender Oliver kept us in good spirits for the rest of the night. The gang of myself, Jordi, Erin O, and Johnny boogied all night before taking the rest of the party around the corner for the after party at the Belmont, where Erin hosted an auction and Mickey made the rounds. Before I knew it, I was holding on from the back of a motorcycle, leaving the party and another great year of memories behind me.


Foxy Shazam (credit:

New York Dolls (credit:

Even if the Dolls weren’t one of my favorite bands, I’d be obligated to love them as the author of such monthly “Trash”. I trekked my platform heels out to Brooklyn for their show at Warsaw, where other punked-out dolls mingled around the kielbasa-and-perogies buffet in the backroom. (It’s hilarious to watch The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black eat hot dogs in bouffant wigs, by the way). Their performance was hilarious, too - complete with pentagrams and coffin-shaped guitars. David and I headed to the front for the next band, a nice little surprise called Foxy Shazam. Fronted by a whippet thin version of Tony Orlando, this crazy outfit flew off the hinges from the moment they sprang onstage. Singer Eric Nally ate cigarettes while the trumpet player Alex Nauth humped the floor. Keyboard player Sky White looks mysteriously like Animal if all his hair was on his chin. My beloved Dolls were up next, as elegant as ever, with Sammi bringing his wine bottle onstage. Two Johnny Thunders doppelgangers reveled in their first Dolls experience, as I flashed on mine (Chicago Metro, 2005). By the time Syl queued “Trash” with his “would you like some cawwfy?” the circle pit had started and my glitter boots were giving out. It was a long walk back through McCarren Park, but a great night for punk rock in New York…



Sarah and Amanda Lepore

If it’s Wednesday and you have some extra junk laying around the apartment, glue it to your body and head out to Carnival for Amanda Lepore’s Big Top party! Just as I predicted, each week is as crazy as opening night, with our hostess and Kenny Kenny’s outfits getting more and more outlandish. It’s Fleet Week in New York City, and the gang dressed appropriately. There were a many sailor hats and “Daddy” tattoos on the dance floor! Amanda pranced around and posed for photos, managing to say only “I love it,” and Kenny Kenny looked like a popped bottle of champagne or a type of bottle rocket. Special guest Pandora dripped her beautiful pink feathered wings on the stage, and Gaga’s “Telephone” brought the Pop-the-Balloon players to the tabletops. The night ended sometime around 2:30am for me, but I continued to receive texts until 5am - always a good sign for my boys!


Thirsty friends Jim Jones Revue are up for Best Breakthrough Act in this year’s Mojo Honours Awards! Click here to kick these soul-saving rock n’ rollers into first place! And make sure to catch these hell raisers when they hit New York this summer. There’s only a few days left to vote, so get it on and bang a gong!


“I’m looking for artists that represent some kind of meaning or lifestyle,” Damon Dash

The eponymous gallery is now accepting submissions for it’s Art Is… exhibition, with submission deadline landing at midnight July 15th. Five finalists will receive a place in the exhibition at the hip hop mogul’s gallery, which also houses a recording studio, used for the Black Keys’ “BlakRoc”. Check out Artlog for more information.


The Dead Weather - Sea Of Cowards

Other things on my radar this month: all things Dead Weather. “Sea of Cowards” is out now, featuring the track “Blue Blood Blues” and another quick-jump lyric from Mr. Jack White (“all the white girls trip when I sing in Sunday service”)… Dear friend BP Fallon takes a starring turn in the Weather’s “I Cut Like a Buffalo” video, casting a stark shadow over Jack and his many gyrating belly dancers. I can’t get this one out of my head. I know it’s truly summer when I have a soundtrack from Jack and company… I’m also digging Karen Elson’s record, “The Ghost Who Walks” - the perfect single to usher in the warm dusk of a June night. A beautiful tale of romance and murder, this one takes a page straight from Nick Cave’s “Where the Wild Roses Grow.”

Until next month, when I hit up the Coney Island Mermaid Parade, Danzig in Times Square, then again to Coney for Siren Festival, I’ll be hanging my hat back home in Indiana. I’ll miss you, New York, but I’m trading these apartment-front steps for a worn porch swing…


The Whip





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