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By: Sarah L. Myers - Editor-In-Chief
New York, USA

It's my favorite New York City bar, my favorite New York Dolls song, and now it's my favorite way to get trashed.

It's here! Thirsty was first to bring you an extended interview with Mickey Leigh (June 2007 interview), and now the wait is over. "I Slept With Joey Ramone" is out now from Simon and Schuster, and it's everything fans wanted. Mickey and Legs McNeil hosted the official launch December 1st at Barnes and Noble. We've waited years for this. Every trip to New York, every Joey Ramone Birthday Bash, every conversation I've had with Mickey we'd talk about the book, and each time he was closer and closer to being finished. Having the unedited proof in my hands, during an interview at Joey's East Village apartment, was a rock n' roll moment I'll never forget. Visit for continued coverage and updates, and of course Stay Thirsty for even more Mickey Leigh and Joey Ramone. Gabba Gabba Hey!


Baronness are at the forefront of a Southern metal movement that have critics calling Savannah the new Seattle. That's all fine and good, but hype isn't what blew my face off at Bowery Ballroom November 20th. Baronness had me from start to finish. They're that kickass blend of doom and death (lyrics about Vikings) and Southern swamp that reminds me of Corrosion of Conformity. These guys are big time - selling out shows all over the world, including metal festivals in Norway. The Ballroom crowd stomped, stage-dove, and circle-pitted through an hour-long set that had Jordi and I throwing metal fingers and headbanging along. Having known Baronness from her college days in Savannah, she was a proud, proud friend that night. Our merry band of thieves that night included Chris and Derek from Solid PR - there to support opening act Earthless. It was a great night for metal in NYC.


"I didn't want a book where I'm holding a fish on the cover," said David Chang in true Thirsty style. Chang spoke about his new book, "Momofuku" at Union Square's Barnes and Noble, with Peter Meehan and my beloved Anthony Bourdain in tow. Moderating a discussion on food trends and the pains of being a celebrity chef, Bourdain yielded questions from the audience in his own special way - "Do you give a fuck about your students?" Bourdain challenged Chang just as he does on his tv show. He spoke of his own book tour experiences, describing deplorable conditions involving hot plates and iceberg lettuce. Peter Meehan keyed the packed house into what he's learned so far, "that (Chang) isn't as into pork as you think he might be." It was a highly amusing look into the world of five-star dining around the world, with the rock n' roll slant that makes Chang a culinary badass. The evening left us with one main question - why can't NYC have good Mexican food that doesn't involve, as Bourdain puts it, "blender date rape margaritas."


Local 269 in the Lower East Side is a Thirsty favorite. Divey, dank, with delightful bartenders, it's everything a punk rock girl could want. One such girl is Erin O'Brien, my sister in whiskey and rock n' roll. Erin hosts every Saturday night at 269, and when The Party Death team up with Diablo Royale and Rain of Kings, Saturday stretches to Sunday and beyond. Stay tuned for my interview with The Party Death, coming soon... Hammerstein Ballroom is one of NYC's biggest venues, and I found out why it's also one of the best when I saw Rob Zombie Dec. 1st. Jordi and I worship all things Zombie, and this was our big night to party with the undead masses (including openers Nekromantix)! The set had it all - "Thunderkiss 65", "Living Dead Girl", "Superbeast", and two encores - "Demonoid Phenomenon" and "Dragula". A special thanks to Dan from Jersey, for putting me on his shoulders all night, and to the $5 Bacardi drink special for fueling the fire. Highlight of the night was definitely getting up close to the man himself - Rob came straight through the crowd, passing Jordi and I. Yep, he's as sweaty as you might think. Zombie's new record, "Hellbilly Deluxe 2" out soon...


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