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By Michael Lara
Tokyo, Japan

“You want it?  You take it!  You take it!  You got it!  You want it? You take it!  You’re insatiable!” 2004’s crisp and sage words belted out by SIOUXSIE SIOUX for one of the finest BASEMENT JAXX tracks is a most appropriate analogy to the flavorful fever-fueled tanks of TIGARAH and her own division to their respective cookbook delivered live or recorded with her latest being recently unleashed The Funkeira Goes Bang!

Marching mightily among other contemporary field commanders such as M.I.A. and LOVEFOXX (CSS), TIGARAH (vocals) leads her fierce and fiery trio in sustaining salvo after salvos within their central sector of this urban beachhead in Tokyo’s famed seedy Dogenzaka district.

Like that sultry hypnotic electro-funk track “The International Sin Set” by MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT, TIGARAH makes sinning so sexily sizzling and savory and well, delightfully inescapable.

Post Operations O-East, we share ten on the street in getting into more of the ingredients for her culinary creations, favorites and more upon pulling from a Tokyo Disneyland Buzz Lightyear rocket ship popcorn holder:

TIGARAH: So what do you want me to do?

THIRSTY: Well, just open it up and pick one item.


THIRSTY: Ah, advertising tissues in Japan. As you know in being Japanese, these are hugely popular here. So, if you were going to have a tissue made for you and your band, what’d it say?

TIGARAH: Well, what do you mean?

THIRSTY: I mean, for instance, this right here is for a band. They gave this to me and to others on the streets 2 weeks ago. This is one of their ways to promote themselves. Well, let me rephrase it then, what would be the most amazing promotion for you and your band?

TIGARAH: Amazing promotion? Ah…Well, I just want to tour as much as possible. I love having the shows and ah, I always enjoy. I want to see everywhere! (Eyes wide and mind moving) I want to see my fans everywhere…in Europe and The States and Brazil…So that should be cool. I’m going to do LA from this fall.

THIRSTY: Right on. So next one…Ha-ha!

TIGARAH: Kewpie mayonnaise sauce! (Big smile)

THIRSTY: Now, it says “Good for 0-100 years”…


THIRSTY: 0-100 years. Who it’s good for, you know.

TIGARAH: Yeah, yeah, yeah…

THIRSTY: Now I’m a big fan of G. LOVE & SPECIAL SAUCE, and well, what is your favorite sauce?

TIGARAH: My favorite sauce? Hmmm…It must be soy sauce. Yeah, I don’t like sauces that are too strong or creamy in taste. I always have it with me. I use it for anything and it all tastes really good. I’m always happy with soy sauce.

THIRSTY: Good to know and a solid recommendation for us all…Next item…Yes! Super Lemon Soda!

TIGARAH: Is it good?

THIRSTY: I have no idea. I have never tried it.

TIGARAH: Where did you get it?

THIRSTY: I got it at a convenience store near my apartment, but you can also get it from some vending machines.

TIGARAH: Which convenience store?

THIRSTY: 99 (owned by the LAWSON convenience store chain)

TIGARAH: I’ve never heard of it. Where do you live?

THIRSTY: Ogikubo.

TIGARAH: Ogikubo?

THIRSTY: Yeah, between Kichijoji and Nakano. But hey, if you were going to have your own soda, what would it be?

TIGARAH: Um…Well, if I’m going to have my own soda, it’s going to be a super energy drink. You’re going to get super high and have so much energy and you can do anything! That’s my soda (with authority and a big grin).

THIRSTY: And what flavor would it be?

TIGARAH: It would be like…some…Well, I like grapefruits, so some fresh fruits taste.

THIRSTY: What’s your favorite food?

TIGARAH: My favorite food? Well, I like mangoes, grapefruits and bananas. And hey, can I drink this one? (Eyes all alive)

THIRSTY: Oh yeah, you can totally drink it. It’s yours now!

TIGARAH: (As the can cracks open) I mean, I’ve never seen this drink.

THIRSTY: I just recently found it. What do you say? Good?

TIGARAH: Ah…It’s good! It’s like lots of lemon…So go again?

THIRSTY: Oh yes, there are plenty of items here.

TIGARAH: Okay, just numbers, like 0-9.

THIRSTY: Well, it’s a countdown. So Tigarah, if I said to you, “8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-0!” What would you want? What would you want at the end of the countdown?

TIGARAH: I want to be in Paris. I want… I want somebody to bring me to Paris in one second (eyes sparkling) because I am going to Paris next week and I just can’t wait.


TIGARAH: Because I haven’t been there in so long and I’m going to work there with my favorite artists, like TEQUILA TECHS and MUSEO so it should be really cool.

THIRSTY: Right on.


THIRSTY: Please do. There’s more! Ah…Denny’s!

TIGARAH: It’s a disgusting restaurant.

THIRSTY: (laughing)

TIGARAH: Actually, it’s not bad. I don’t hate it you know, but it’s not healthy.

THIRSTY: Very true, it’s not classic, but if you were to have a coupon (like the one shared with her from Denny’s)…

TIGARAH: Uh-huh…

THIRSTY: For anything…what would your coupon be for?

TIGARAH: My coupon?

THIRSTY: Yeah…You notice here, they have 200 yen off, whatever. You know, what would be for you the best coupon?

TIGARAH: Hmm…Best coupon that I’d be happy with?


TIGARAH: Free dessert! Anything! I’d be happy! (Broad smile)

THIRSTY: What’s your favorite dessert?

TIGARAH: Oh, I like sweets. I like ice cream and creams, that kind of stuff.

THIRSTY: I hear you. Now last item, last question.

TIGARAH: (Reaches into the Buzz Lightyear canister for the last time)

THIRSTY: So, “No Liquor. No Life.” A slogan similar to TOWER RECORDS “No Music. No Life.” For you, what would you say would mean no life?

TIGARAH: “No Boys. No Life.”

THIRSTY:  A-ha! (Both laughing)

TIGARAH: Yeah. That’s my answer. “No Boys. No Life.”

Well, now, truth be told, the boys feel the same about her and her gender that is for sure. Hopefully TIGARAH will add that ever-tasty MISSING PERSONS gem into her infectious arsenal.

Forever bringing treats, not tricks, you can count on TIGARAH to span the globe repeatedly while dispensing her delicious assortment of sonic sweets your way year-round. To peruse the latest and cumulative confections from her factory and those close to hers, click away below:



All opinions expressed by Michael Lara are solely his own and do not reflect the opinions of Stay Thirsty Media, Inc.

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