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By: Michael Lara

"Well, it’s on or it’s off… Fuck with me and I’ll fuck with you. Isn’t that were supposed to do?" Like others, certainly glad that the Reid brothers decided to do so over the years and the same could be said of Alison "VV" Mosshart and Jamie "Hotel" Hince as their 3rd release Midnight Boom encapsulates the raw vitality forged between these two.

Commencing with the hesitant stop-start dialing, the pickup launches their open bar in "U.R.A. Fever," awash in the throbbing fuzz-filled vocal sea saw bender between them. The pumping, rump-shaker "Cheap and Cheerful" celebrates losing all inhibitions, reaching what’s dark, dirty and real as the steady tight tick-tick-tick-tick into full throttle ferocity muscles "Tape Song." "Getting Down" gives cause for another round as the momentum from a deal being sealed, sliding deliciously into the high-hat snap of the 1-2 collision romp played out in "Last Day of Magic." Far from that, this catch of the day continues, mutually swallowed whole with the crunchy "Hook and Line" telling the floor and more what’s going on. Clap-filled, bass-buttoned "Black Balloon" steers you into hypnotic reflection as you stare into your drink. Then Shazam! "M.E.X.C.O.C.U." is the Don Patron/Wild Turkey shot, reverberating all that’s banging inside your head as "Sour Cherry" gets you on the floor, far from that door, guaranteeing ripe repercussions in stereo. "Alphabet Pony" is that needed nonsensical drink that releases the hounds inside, sexy sweatiness insured with "What New York Used To Be" giving additional shots to the mind, body and soul as all collide. Last call’s "Goodnight Bad Morning" serves up that intimate nightcap that’ll make you dizzyingly ponder all that’s transpired.

With their Midnight Boom bar, parched patrons worldwide know Mosshart and Hince are trans-Atlantic barkeeps keeping it on all hours.


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