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By: Joe Wolf

Simon Pegg seen in such films as Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz has once again brought his comedic ingenuity to the silver screen with Run Fatboy Run, a rip roaring, laugh out loud, non-stop entertaining ride, that even includes a Danny Tanneresque (Full House) life lesson in the end.

The entire story begins when Dennis (Simon Pegg) leaves the love of his life, Libby (Thandie Newton) at the alter, pregnant with their child.  Flash forward to 5 years later, Dennis is working as a security guard at a high end women’s clothing store, living alone in a basement apartment that he has trouble making rent at, and still very much in love with Libby.  Libby has met someone, the amazingly perfect Whit (Hank Azaria); he is rich, very good looking, and has the healthy hobby of running marathons.  Dennis has the pleasure of meeting Whit when he comes over to pick up his son Jake (Matthew Fenton) to spend some quality time with him.  The rivalry ensues and the out of shape Dennis decides that he is going to run in the next marathon that Whit is planning on competing in. 

With the help of his best friend, Gordon (Dylan Moran) and his landlord who lives upstairs, Mr. Goshdashtidar (Harish Patel), who assume the role as his coaches, they begin to whip Dennis into shape.  On the day of the marathon, the competition between Dennis and Whit becomes so fierce, that things go a bit haywire and Whit has to be rushed to the hospital.  Dennis is left with a debilitating injury, but insists on fulfilling his promise of finishing the marathon and limps along the last 13 miles.

During the training sequence, there is a montage where we see Dennis and his two coaches doing multiple things, such as cracking an unbelievable amount of eggs into a glass and attempting to drink them, getting hit in the ass with a spatula by Mr. Goshdashtidar to keep the running at a steady pace, and lifting light weights at a gym next to a beefcake.  Now, when one thinks of a montage they usually would think of Rocky in Russia carrying wood up a mounting with Hearts on Fire playing in the background, but this is done with a new sense of class and almost makes you forget that your watching a classic Hollywood instrument used to make time pass.  Maybe it is because you are laughing so damn hard.

Pegg’s comedic timing is absolutely priceless and it is his performance that holds this film together. He owns it outright with his performance that obviously makes you laugh, but at times makes you cry a little too.  The playful antics that go on between him and his best friend Moran, such as a frantic taxi ride on the day of the marathon or a childish fist fight outside a piano store are extremely memorable parts of the film and keep the laughs coming.  

David Schwimmer’s directorial debut proves that he has a knack for being behind the camera and may even be better in that position than in front.  At times, the film does border on predictable, but it does it in a way that makes it enjoyable, sort of like watching an Adam Sandler movie.  So, the bottom line is, if you are looking to have a fun, no nonsense time at the movies, then go pay $10 and see Run Fatboy Run.




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