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Thirsty: Which musician/band would you love to sit down and have a cup of coffee with?

DJ Michael Pultz: So many come to mind but in thinking of who would have to be the most entertaining choice, I’d have to go with Tom Waits.  After all he did star in the film “Coffee and Cigarettes” which was essentially a series of vignettes by Jim Jarmusch based on this very idea.


What’s your desert-island album? 

Ah the infamous (and really, impossible to answer) “desert-island” question.  You know sometimes I think it might be My Bloody Valentine’s “Loveless”, and yet other times I feel it would have to be the Boredoms “Vision Creation Newsun” or even Neutral Milk Hotel’s “In The Aeroplane Over The Sea”.  And there are at least 5 other perfect records that come instantly to mind as well.  So I guess that especially with music, no matter what I could pick or how great I feel it to be, I’d always want there to be something more eventually.  I mean I love coconuts too, but there’s no way I’d want them to be the only thing there was to eat.


How do you discover new music?

Well my favorite way for this has been and always will be by sharing with friends.  I have really great friends whom I cherish for this and I’m meeting more of them most everyday.  Well, at least on the good days that is.


What do you love, besides music?

I simply live for creativity in all forms and love to be challenged to think anew no matter the ways and means used to do so.  I also love sitting quietly at twilight and watching the sun come to rest in the perfect glow of that magical hour.


What was the last great book you read?

Grant Morrison’s complete series, “The Invisibles”.  Yeah, it’s a comic book, but it’s a great comic book.


What band/musician do you think is about to break out?

I translate this question to meaning what band I think is the most progressive towards creating a “new” music, one that as of yet exists without definition or boundaries.  That undoubtedly would have to be Charlie Looker’s (Zs, Seductive Sprigs, Period) newest project, Extra Life, with release of the record, “Secular Works”, out now on Planaria Recordings and who is also currently on tour stateside.


What charity or social cause (non-political) are you passionate about?

I believe as a whole, and work locally with a non-profit organization, in helping to promote multi-cultural diversity by rejecting racism and negative bias, and inspiring a passion for learning for a true global community.



1.  Extra Life “Blackmail Blues” from their album, Secular Works

2.  El Guincho “Fata Morgana” from his album, Alegranza!

3.  Boris “Pink”, from their album, Pink

4.  Mahjongg “Problems” from their album, Kontpab

5.  Orthrelm “Ov”, from their album, Ov





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