By: Sarah L. Myers

Sarcastic, whimsical, disorienting - just a few words that describe the work of Chicago artist Jill Dryer. With a background in architecture and design (Dryer worked at Architectural Digest for seven years), she fuses the beauty in everyday objects with that of mid-century abstract painters and a mod, 1960s influence. In Dryer's world giant roosters tower over armchairs, fish fly through the air, and elk stand in the living room.

"There's beauty in ordinary things," she says. "We don't see how beautiful and elegant they are. There's sarcasm in it, too."

Dryer's pieces come two ways - as large original paintings or 10" design squares that feature individual subjects, such as a coffee cup or a bunny rabbit. Placed against vibrant, cheerful colors, her designs convey a positive quirkiness - much like Dryer herself, whose always wanted to sing in a gospel choir.

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