By: Sarah L. Myers

Combining the sounds of traditional Ukranian folk music, brash New York City punk rock, and speed metal and hip hop, Gogol Bordello are quite possibly the least categorizable band in the world. Their audience response is unlike anything seen outside a Slayer concert - circle pits, crowd surfing, and swarms of sweaty kids chanting in unity. Front man Eugene Hutz nearly incites a riot when he sails across the crowd atop a giant marching band drum, while violin and accordian players play manically behind him. It's a sight that has to be seen to believed. It's punk rock with a unique, Eastern European twist. Truly genius.


Thirsty : April 2008 : Gogol Bordello slideshow

Thirsty : March 2008 : Interview with Eugene Hütz of Gogol Bordello





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