Do YOU have one really great NEW SONG? 

Are you an UNSIGNED artist or band? 

Are YOU the sole owner of the rights to your SONG and its RECORDING?

Is your SONG worthy of global exposure? 

If YOUR answer is YES to all of the above, then THIRSTY WANTS YOU to send us your SONG!

Thirsty is on a MISSION to discover the MOST DESERVING new SONGS and showcase only the VERY BEST!


This is NOT a contest.  There is NO fee.  There is NO prize.   There is NO element of chance.

Whatever SONG you email to Thirsty belongs to YOU. 

It’s YOUR property.   You just want Thirsty to listen to it.

Thirsty won’t feature it without YOUR approval.

If Thirsty likes your SONG, Thirsty will contact you to get YOUR permission before it is featured on Thirsty. 

If you or your band are SIGNED, don’t bother!

If the rights to your SONG and its RECORDING are not exclusively yours, don’t bother!



if YOU are DESERVING…if YOU are WORTHY…if YOU have a really EXCEPTIONAL new SONG…and if YOU ARE THIRSTYYOU may proceed to the next page.




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