Wolf Eyes Video Interview

"The Driller" - Wolf Eyes

By Andrew Lyman

In the future all anyone will listen to is extreme noise music. This is, of course, if the future ends up anything like Neal Stephenson's book "Snow Crash."

Until the other night I would have found a future filled with personal nuclear devices, deliverators, metaverses, and extreme noise pop the work of mere fantasy, but thanks to Second Life and Wolf Eyes, Snow Crash might not be so far off the mark after all. We're still a far cry from 13 year olds shelving the Justin Timberlakes and Maria Carreys of the future, but the disenchanted twenty somethings have found their new fix.

It's strange to catch such a clear glimpse of the future. Wolf Eyes finished up their latest US Tour with Sub Pop Records last month at the Empty Bottle. The usual band of black enshrouded youths came out to see the show, but the people who turn out to Wolf Eyes are different than you might expect.

How can you do better than one type of music that apparently satiates all urges simultaneously? I have never seen so many reactions to music (you know, dancing) in one place, and I was at  the 1993 Indianapolis Culture Fest. There was: headbanging, moshing, booty-shaking, struttin, the new-wave shake, pogoing, convulsions, you name it, it was happening to the tune of squeeling feedback, pounding bass, and hemorrhaging screams.

Talk to Wolf Eyes about it and they will just tell you they do what they do. Maybe that is what it takes to propel us into the future; everyone just doing what they do, and pouring their guts into it. 













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