by Anna Curtis

Anna Curtis has recorded these photographic images as part of her 5 year experience backstage in the stunning, shocking, surreal and seductive world of her alter ego, Lady ACE, Superstar International Burlesque Artist. Through these images, she examines her own sexuality and the portrayal of women's stereotypes, fantasy and the bizarre. These beautiful, sometimes tragic, sometimes disturbing, always entertaining women display almost everything onstage for an adoring public who sometimes absorb the intended content and sometimes simply hoot and holler for some more Tits and Ass. These women, based in New York City, provoke and perform in the genre of the Strip-Tease. They are knowledgeable about the history of Burlesque and Strip-Tease and the boundaries between high and low art. For these women, simply taking their clothes off to tease and tantalize the audience is a formula to create an environment and character through which they use choreography, comedy, irony, sensuality, music and narrative to create a modern discussion and approach to a stigmatized artform. Within the 3.5 minute play or Burlesque Act, these women (and a few men) interpret this time-honored tradition with all its stereotypical downfalls, pratfalls and artistic integrity. This audience is filled with equal parts academics, intellects, leeches, dirty old men, fags and dykes, hipsters, women who aspire to be them, men who adore and objectify them, regular joes and janes and other performance artists of the Downtown New York art scene.




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