Editor-In-Chief / Publisher:
Sarah L. Myers

Favorite album: Urban Hymns, The Verve

First record: Blondie's "Heart of Glass" 45

Best documentary: The Nomi Song

Favorite book: And the Ass Saw the Angel by Nick Cave

Favorite Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii Elvis, 1973

"And all day I knew there was an incredible love somewhere in my world.... and I felt sad, needing to explain it but I can't because it belonged to me. To anyone else it was just wet images." Jim Carroll

Writer / Creative Board:
Samantha Stevenson
Favorite Dog: Fezzik Stevenson

Favorite Cousin: Jessica Liebel

Favorite Bands: 1] The Beatles 2] Pink Floyd 3] Radiohead

Favorite Books: The Handmaid's Tale [Margaret Atwood], The Red Tent [Anita Diamant], Heart of Darkness [Joseph Conrad], Stephen King's Dark Tower series

Favorite Films: 8 1/2, The Princess Bride, Brazil, The Hairdresser's Husband, The Goonies

Writer / Creative Board:
Kent Brown

Other Involvements: Artistic Director of The Laboratory Theatre Project; Certified Bigfoot Investigator

Favorite Bands: They Might Be Giants, Traffic, Talking Heads, every southern rock band from the 1970's except Molly Hatchet

Favorite Movie: Purple Rain

Favorite Greek Tragedy: The Orestia by Aeschylus

Writer / Creative Board:
Kevin Carroll
Kevin is from Portland, Oregon originally.
He has a bachelors in drama and a master's in acting.
He is a poorly practicing buddhist.
He loves hip-hop and spoken word more than anything but is a sucker for amazing musicians.
Kevin is a lover of art that questions the world around him but more importantly creates new questions to the people who view it.
If there were one person in the whole world Kevin could have met it would have been Steve Prefontaine (an artist in his own way).
Kevin is currently the Executive Director of The Laboratory Theatre Project, a 501(c)(3) NFP theatre company that he helped create with four of the most amazing artists Kevin has ever met, that is until he started working with Thirsty!

Webmaster / Creative Board: Jason Mathews

Hobbies: Bass Player for The Lavellas

Favorite TV station: Food Network

Favorite Movie: Jurrasic Park

Favorite Food: Cheese & most sandwiches.

Top 3 favorite bands: Radiohead / The Shins / Pixies / Stone Roses / Luna / Sparklehorse / The Verve / Air / Blur

Contributing Writers:

Wayne Graham

"Wayne Graham is a good boy, loves his mamma, loves Jesus, and America too. He's a good boy, crazy about Elvis, loves horses, and his girlfriend, too. Conversely, he hates babies and priests with a purple passion."

Andrew Lyman

Andrew Lyman is the son of both a father and a mother. He is a member of the Human Beings, the founder of the Church of the Perpetual Saturday, and a co-founder of Young Team Manager.com. He currently lives in Chicago where he eats food and sleeps in a bed on a semi-regular basis. He bides his time watching books, reading music, and hearing movies. More information can be collected on his activities at either:

http://youngteammanager.com or http://rotovator.net

Top 5 Band Names:
1. Throbbing Gristle
2. Urethra Franklin
3. Rapeman
4. Romantic Gorilla
5. Jesus Lizard

Brandon Forbes

Brandon Forbes, if ever asked to perform a gymnastics floor routine, would find it hard to decide between Kylie Minogue's "Fever," Sleater-Kinney's "Dance Song '97," or Eddie Money's "Take Me Home Tonight" as a performance track.

Jacob O. Gold

Jacob O. Gold is a Chicago native, just returned to his beloved home city. He can be reached at jacoboringold@gmail.com

Jessica Liebel

Col. JD Wilkes

"Colonel" J.D. Wilkes whiles away much his time sipping mint julep and languishing in the shady,
tall-columned veranda of his quaint farm house in rural Paducah, Kentucky.

But when those bullfrogs get to croakin', J.D. hops on the sawdust trail & sees the world in his carny-themed, hillbilly band "the Legendary Shack*Shakers". Painting gawdy sideshow banners and drawing his weekly comic strip "Head Cheese" for the Nashville RAGE also make for one exhausted fella.

J.D. has exhibited his comic art and freakshow banners in countless galleries and venues coast to coast. Patrons of his art have included Sony Records, RCA Records, Bloodshot Records, FoxNews Channel & PBS.
He's also been a regular contributor to Snicker magazine, Alarm magazine and U. Magazine.

Wilkes' many influences include Thomas Nast, John Severin, Wm. Pene DuBois, R. Crumb, Joe Coleman, and the good blokes at Viz Comic. He also holds a Bachelor's degree in Studio Art from his dry-county alma mater, Murray State University...in beautiful, scenic western Kentucky.

Shawna Flavell

Shawna wore an eye patch once and didn't really like how it threw off her perception...but she still wants to be a pirate. Other things she would like to spend part of her life being include: a trapeze artist, a glass blower, a mermaid, librarian, invisible, double jointed, face painter, a member of the Von Trapp family, bartender, mountaineer, sky diver, cyborg, ninja, bounty hunter, archeologist, museum curator, hair dresser (only because they know everyone's secrets), whittler, repo man...and there's more but we’ll stop.

Casey McDermott

Favorite French word: "parapluie"
Hidden Talent: Freakishly accurate Teletubby impersonation
Guilty Pleasure Song Performed While Dancing Around Empty Apartment in My Underwear: "Ain't Too Proud to Beg," The Temptations
Literary Influences: TS Eliot, Zadie Smith, my da
Little Known Fact: Certified Minister of the Universal Life Church

Arnav Sheth

Arnav Sheth is a runner, blogger, film buff and foodie, not necessarily in that order. He is currently finishing up his doctorate in applied mathematics, where he endeavors to understand the nature of chaos and makes futile attempts to master it. He blogs under the holier-than-thou monicker of The Great Ganesha, where he tries to bridge the gap between east and west coasts, cultures, and continents. These days he likes to listen to jazz, Indian classical, and a fusion of the two. His favorite filmmakers include the Coen brothers, early Jeunet and Caro, Govind Nihalani, Satyajit Ray, and many, many more. He lives in San Francisco, but he left his heart in Bombay.


Ruben Cantu

After being born and raised in Lincoln Park, Chicago, Ruben has developed a true love of the city of Chicago and traveling. He is currently studying photography at Columbia College and hopes to one day teach.

Tyler Stoffel

Tyler Stoffel is a freelance photojournalist based in Chicago. Originally from Dubuque, Iowa, Stoffel has arrived in Chicago via Northern California. His work has been featured by The Ukiah Daily Journal, The VUE365 Weekly, and MSN. When he is not photographing, he is generally depressed.


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