You Thought You Were Awake: Detroit Artist Matt Gordon Gets Inside Your Head

"Inspiration - everything good or bad speaks to me. I do seem to be painting about the farm land around me that is being sold off by the children of newly deceased, to build unnecessary multi-million dollar homes. I'm past my disgust, mostly, so I'm basically offering up a last hoorah for the inhabitants of my painted world to enjoy the make out tree one more time, have a bon fire with cheap beer in that field before they build an Embassy Suites. Just remembering how kids and young adults used to do it before computerism and lawsuits. As far as artists, I've been looking at Norman Rockwell a lot!"


"John (Szymanski, of Detroit’s SSM) used to work in the kitchen of the dinner theater beneath my studio, Genetti's, best family in the world! I think the first time I met him was in northern Michigan where his other band, The Hentchmen, were playing in a basement. SSM honestly is one of my favorite bands. It just fucking sounds right."


"I have not had a solo show since like 2001. My paintings take a long time to finish as I let the story unfold as it happens. I never force an issue or paint about something I don't completely practice or understand. But my next show will be in California at RVCA (Clothing) some time late next year. The body of work and stories I have been creating are going to be some of my funniest stuff ever. I'm finally hitting my stride."



"Characters - some from dreams, others by mistake. I've had the same characters for almost tens years now so I definitely know what they know and can do now. Some days I love them and others I wish I was a chef."

"When I was featured in Juxtapoz once, I was tweaked out and young enough to state that I'm trying to paint how porn music for squirrels would sound. Try explaining that to your grand parents."



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