By Michael Lara
Tokyo, Japan

Devo - Q: Are we not men? A: We are Devo ! (1978)

Good  God y’all! Brian Eno on the decks and a very pre-Simpsons’ Mothersbaugh in command of this starship throttle this perfection to praying hands worldwide.  Bookend to bookend, you can’t help jerk about, bounce about like a pinball off these walls. 


Sparks - Hello Young Lovers (2006)

These brothers just don’t stop!   No ‘dicking around’ in this bold, majestic 10-act play that dispenses a vitality that can surely shame most struggling artists.  Forget that Russell and Ron have BEEN ON IT for over 30 years.  How about them apples?! This is essential.


Eagles of Death Metal - Death By Sexy (2006)

The cocky laughter launching this keeper of your bottle of choice is resplendent in honest observations and utterances.  Hell, Hughes Incorporated forged one hell of a love rollercoaster here!  Bottoms up!


!!! - Myth Takes (2007)

Can never have too much percussion always.  Giving the finger to conventional arrangements, this trans-continental “White Shadow” collective deliciously coalesce into a indescribable spectrum to make you fully freak!  If you break, be not surprised.


The Cure - Bloodflowers (1999)

Been some years since this bender was built, but the menu here is perfected to disconnect and slowly, sublimely find your star-filled heaven whether alone or in company.  You’ll never say goodbye to this.


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