Eagles of Death Metal

March 14, 2007 - UNIT
Daikanyama,Shibuya - Japan

By: Michael Lara

"I be a man, can a mystery man! Be a dog... be a rabid dog!"

This tight, full frontal assault from vintage Damned best encapsulates the lovely liberation found delivered by Little Richard's determined disciples, Eagles of Death Metal. Revealed in all their glory in a most intimate and intense gathering within the bowels of Tokyo's posh Daikanyama boutique district, a slimmed down EODM of Jesse "The Devil" Hughes (vocals, guitar), David "Darlin' Dave" Catching (guitar), Brian "Big Hands" O'Conner (bass, vocals) and Gene "Teen Dream" Trautmann (drums, vocals) unleash a battery of hunk-of-love's for your most raw libations gone wild - from ignition to their final gliding, landing.

The flexing, marching rev of "Don't Speak (I Came To Make A Bang!)” succinctly sucks you into their collective fire, drilling away beautifully in opening matters for a solid night's foundation. Hitting you like a wondrous triple shot of Patron with no chaser, the smiles inside go broad and hold steady in the warmth harvested. Complete with breaks that make you linger in your enlightened consciousness that compounds throughout this 16-slab affair, EODM give a robust education over rock's birth - its incessant need for primitive, yet refined release to where it's at this very moment. Yeah, we're on a way to somewhere special in this under-the-wires affair.

The vibrant, strutting equation of "Cherry Cola" perfects as Hughes shuffles about amidst O'Conner's walking, buttoning bass, Catching's scale-climbing, pulsating squirrels and Teen Dream's tight, yet full, crashes to alleviate all inside to this eternal fountain of youth.

With all cylinders running full bore, "I Want You So Hard (Boy's Bad News)" races incessantly like the house itself in whole possession of the EODM as it streams into the 1-2 punch raw release of "I Got A Feeling (Just Nineteen)”. Ready or not, strutting has become a universal within this space with EODM knowingly aware of the trance set.

Not just found in their shared, honed sonic glory, EODM proudly spread their collective wings throughout "Brown Sugar" and "Beat On The Brat", giving full breadth of their deep love of what's behind, but also ahead, making all sweetly sweat ... alright.





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