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Angry Samoans- Back From Samoa
Clikatat Ikatowi-Orchestrated & Conducted
Led Zepplin-Houses Of The holy
Gary Numan and the Tubeway Army-first record
Hammerhead-Into The Vortex

"My Poison" - The Countdown

By: Andrew Lyman

Top 5 Pure Black Metal Albums:

1. Aske- Burzum
There are a smattering of decent one-man Black Metal bands around these days - Xasthur, Levithan - but Burzum did it first, and probably with the most evil. This album is in his earlier vein of Satanic Tolkien worship as opposed to his later Norse and Aryan faire. Primal and diabolical

2. A Blaze in the Northern Sky- Dark Throne
Arguably the most stripped down of all the early Black Metal outfits. Darkthrone was a reclusive trio of infernal Viking youth that would occasionally descend from the mountains outside Norway to record blistering raw Black Metal. This is their most coherent effort, but still recorded in Darkthrone’s patented “sounds like shit” style.

3. Worship Him- Samael
The only group non-Norwegians on the list, but if you want slow, dark, and evil, look no further than Samael’s first two recordings. They are a fiendishly putrid band with a pitch black sound that is oh-so heavy.

4. De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas- Mayhem
More of a document than an album, this marks the death of the central figure of the early Norwegian Black Metal Scene - Euronymus. He was murdered by one time band mate and long time rival - Count Grishnack, aka: Varg Vilkerness, aka: Burzum. An insane bestial onslaught of a record.

5. Diabolical Full Moon Mysticism- Immortal
Immortal are my favorite of the Black Metal bands. They are stripped down, simple, evil, and violent. All their albums are of excellent quality, but this one makes the list for pure Black Metal. It’s just a vicious piece of metal history. Sounds like wolves eviscerating your grandmother.

Top 5 Modern Metal Albums:

1. Demigod- Behemoth
2. Blackwater Park- Opeth
3. Cruelty and the Beast- Cradle of Filth
4. Pagan Prosperity- Old Man’s Child
5. Twilight of the Idols- Gorgoroth

Top 5 Current Albums
1. Trilogy - Emerson Lake and Palmer
2. Remain in Light - Talking Heads
3. Illuminated by the Light - Weird War
4. Liquid Swords - Genius/ GZA
5. Thunder Down Under - Hot Snakes

Top 5 Alice Cooper Songs
1. "Because" (Beatles cover)
2. "Halo of Flies" - Killer
3. "Mr. and MisDemeanor" - Easy Action
4. "He's Back (The Man Behind the Mask)" - Friday the 13th Pt. 6
5. "Refrigerator Heaven" - Easy Action



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